Public Deliverables

Deliverable 1.1: Stakeholder Engagement Work Plan

Deliverable 1.4: Dashboard for supporting decision-making on water resources management at river basin level: prototype

Deliverable 1.5: Water scenarios for River Basin Hubs

Deliverable 1.2: Assessment of the needs on data services and modeling tools of stakeholders in selected European river basins

Deliverable 2.1: Review of existing observational systems

Deliverable 2.2: STARS4Water Metadataportal_1st release

Deliverable 2.3: Defining indicators for assessing climate risks

Deliverable 3.1: Gap analysis of existing tools in the RBs

Deliverable 6.1: STARS4Water Dissemination Communication Strategy Plan_v1.0

Deliverable 6.2: STARS4Water website

Deliverable 6.3: STARS4Water Dissemination Communication Strategy Plan_v2.0

Deliverable 7.1: Data Management Plan_1st release

Deliverable 7.1: Data Management Plan_2nd release

Deliverable 7.2: Ethical requirements

Deliverable 7.3: Data Management Plan_2nd release